Scent Destinations

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MIXMY is a home fragrance concept unlike any other, one that allows you to adapt and personalise your home fragrance experience depending on your mood, the weather or the occasion, so you never tire of your home scents.

Each MIXMY fragrance has been meticulously designed to combine with each other so you can mix and match from a palette of carefully curated PRIMARY CANDLE fragrances to create multiple fragrance combinations, or SCENT DESTINATIONS™ – the unique aromatic destination you create by burning two or more MIXMY Primary Candles together.

Each Primary Candle has its own beautiful fragrance, so why create a Scent Destination™?

We all have that one favourite candle we go back to time and time again. But what if your mood is different today or what if the weather changes and that cosy-night-in candle doesn’t quite suit the mood of a hot summer’s day? What if you want to change the mood in your home and transform it from work space to entertaining space?

Simply burn one Primary Candle for a powerful aromatic statement, or two alongside each other to create whole new Scent Destinations™.

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Embrace your curiosity and build your own library of Primary Candles (which smell wonderful on their own too!), giving you a broad palette of fragrances to create many different Scent Destinations™.

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Use code DUO at checkout to get your first Scent Destination for £99



The weekend starts now 🙌
Not another cylindrical candle!

Each hand poured, refillable MIXMY scented candle comes encased in a one kilo, custom-made glass cube.

We dare you to be different 🔲
Scent combining is really very simple:

With no rules or limitations, every interpretation is uniquely personal to you. 

I’m currently loving 2. BERRY / GREEN - a dry, refreshing fragrance of tangy berries, fragrant green leaf and a hint of citrus.
Then, when I want to dial it up, I pair it with 4. SMOOTH / AMBERY - a rich and spicy cologne-like scent with notes of incense, cardamom and sandalwood.

The fragrances from the two candles combine to create the Scent Destination of
#FestivalsOfIndia with its sweet, heady spices / the warm and woody aroma of festive bonfires / and notes of earthy greens and colourful berries. 

This joyous combination is perfect for Spring scenting!