Over a quarter of households now regularly buy scented candles, but unfortunately only 8% of candle vessels are recycled, meaning a shocking 92% end up in landfill! MIXMY’s mission is to make refill sales outperform candles so we can help reduce this figure. Click here to read how.

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We’re thrilled to be included in Marie Claire’s hot list of the best things to buy, browse, eat and book!
MIXMY features as the ‘delicious new candle’ in the edit of the best ways to indulge.
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MIXMY is an innovative luxury home fragrance concept empowering you to mix and match from a palette of carefully curated PRIMARY CANDLE fragrances to create multiple fragrance combinations, or SCENT DESTINATIONS™. Discover how the concept of MIXMY Scents works.


Primary Candles

As primary colours combine to create new colours, MIXMY Primary Candle fragrances have been meticulously designed to combine with each other to create new fragrances – or Scent Destinations as we call them – allowing you to personalise your home fragrance experience.

Burn one Primary Candle for a powerful aromatic statement.
Burn alongside another MIXMY candle to create whole new Scent Destinations™.

Your journey of scent discovery begins here.


Scent Destinations™

A Scent Destination™ is the unique aromatic experience you create by burning two or more MIXMY Primary Candles together.

Embrace your curiosity and build your own library of Primary Candles (which smell wonderful on their own too!), giving you a broad palette of fragrances to create many different Scent Destinations


Refill • Reuse • Recycle

Whilst our bespoke glass is completely recyclable, we offer a range of a Primary Candle Refills so your MIXMY glass can be reused time and time again.


Meet the founder

After two decades working behind-the-scenes in senior product development and marketing roles for global beauty and home fragrance brands, founder, Vicky Bellerby, had a lightbulb moment.

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Exciting news… MIXMY is a finalist in the Pure Beauty Awards Outstanding Achievement category of Best New Beauty Brand 2023 🎉

As an independent brand, the support from our loyal customers and followers is invaluable. To be in with a chance of winning, your votes count, so please click on the link in our Stories to vote for MIXMY in the ‘Best new Beauty Brand’ category - thank you!

Love, Vicky, MIXMY Founder x
Burn one Primary Candle for a powerful aromatic statement.
Burn alongside another to create whole new Scent Destinations™.

Play, discover and create your own library of Scent Destinations™ to suit your mood, the weather or the occasion.

Your journey of scent discovery begins here.
MIXMY - Reinventing Home Fragrance 

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