MIXMY is committed to supporting the planet as best we can, whether that be in how we produce our products or how we run the business.

MIXMY was founded on a no-waste belief – our aim is to make candles work so much harder; empowering you to adapt and personalise your home fragrance experience, so you never again tire of your home scents, eliminating the need for the candle graveyard – that cupboard where forgotten, half burnt candles end up once you get bored of them – so, ultimately reducing waste.

We encourage the MIXMY team and our wonderful family of customers to refill, reuse and recycle everything they can.

Our products are hand crafted in the UK, and don’t travel far to reach MIXMY headquarters, a farm in the heart of Yorkshire, where Vicky, her family and the small MIXMY team personally pack every single order.

We’re by no means perfect, but as a business, we are continually looking to improve the ways in which we support our planet.

Renewable Sources

MIXMY Primary Candles and Primary Candle Refills are hand-crafted in the UK and are consciously made with 100% natural vegetable wax, sourced from sustainable origins.


Refilling is considered the most sustainable option when faced with what to do with used packaging. It limits energy use and raw materials used to make from new every time. So whilst MIXMY’s bespoke glass is completely recyclable, we offer a range of Primary Candle Refills so our beautiful bespoke glass can be reused time and time again.



Although we recommend you refill or reuse your MIXMY glass container, MIXMY candle glass is 100% recyclable once cleaned.

We believe in responsible forestry, so in addition to our retail cartons being fully recyclable, they have been made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved stock.

Our online mailer boxes, crinkle fill and paper tape are all fully recyclable.

 Our Primary Candle Refills come in packaging we’ve actually grown! We’ve used mycelium – the root-like structure of mushrooms – to grow the packaging that protects our Primary Candle Refills. Mycelium is completely home-compostable and will disappear without a trace within 45 days when exposed to regular moisture.



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