We love the feeling of unwrapping a new luxury-scented candle, followed by that magical moment when the flame first flickers and fragrance fills the room. Like you, we’re always excited to simply light and enjoy, however before you do, follow these easy steps to guarantee the very best luxury candle experience, time after time:

  • Our MIXMY luxury scented Primary Candles are handmade using the best quality fragrance ingredients blended within a unique vegetable wax recipe to ensure a clean and even burn.  Due to the composition of the natural wax blend, you may find that small holes appear in the wax once it cools. This is completely normal and will not affect the fragrance diffusion or performance.
  • When burning your scented candle for the first time, allow to burn until the surface wax melts completely. This is important, as it will prevent the wax from tunnelling on future burns.
  • Each usage thereafter, to reach the best diffusion of scent, burn your scented candle long enough for all the surface wax to become liquid, usually between two and three hours, no more than four. Note that burning for any longer will not increase the strength of the fragrance.
  • Refills only – if after blowing out the flame, the wick has moved, simply re-centre while the wax is still liquid.
  • Before relighting your scented candle, always trim the wick to around 5mm, carefully removing the ‘mushroom’ end if there is one. This will avoid unnecessary smoke and help prevent soot from appearing on the inside of the candle glass.
  • Using a candle snuffer to extinguish your scented candle will help prevent the blackened end of the wick from falling into the liquid wax and discolouring it.
  • Always burn on a level, heat-resistant surface.

Watch our ‘How-to-use’ video at the bottom of this page

Primary Candle Refills

Once you’ve experienced and enjoyed your MIXMY scented Primary Candle, read how to prepare the glass for reuse with a Primary Candle Refill here

Get Ready to Refill



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