Step 1

As soon as your candle wax has melted down, prepare to get refill ready’ with our quick-and-easy glass cleaning tips:

Firstly, make sure any leftover wax is completely cool and solid, then place the candle glass in the freezer for approximately one hour or until the residual wax becomes brittle. Next, using your fingers, push down firmly on one side of the residual wax pool to release the wick and wax in one piece before discarding. Never pour liquid wax down the drain.

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Step 2

Clean the glass using warm, soapy water and a soft cloth, while avoiding any harsh or abrasive cleaning products as these can damage or scratch the internal decoration. For the same reason, it is important cutlery or sharp utensils are not used to remove the wick or wax.

Step 3

You’re now ready to insert your Primary Candle Refill, making sure to press down firmly so it sits below the rim of the glass.

Enjoy your favourite fragrance either alone or combine with another MIXMY scented Primary Candle to create a new Scent Destination™ fragrance combination.

Watch our ‘How-to-Use’ video at the bottom of this page

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Burn one Primary Candle for a powerful aromatic statement.
Burn alongside another to create whole new Scent Destinations™.

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