How to
‘Combine to Create’

How do i start combining?

It’s really very simple:


Although our Primary Candles smell beautiful in their own right, the magic happens when you burn two or more Primary Candles together to create new fragrance combinations, or Scent Destinations™.

Simply choose the Primary Scented Candles you wish to burn together based on the fragrance notes you love, and enjoy discovering which Scent Destinations™ are created with the combined aroma; OR, choose the Scent Destination™ you wish to create and burn the appropriate two Primary Candles to achieve that Scent Destination™.

The candles can be burned together – either side by side or in different places around a room, and throughout your home. You can build upon the intensity of fragrance you personally prefer by burning multiples of the same fragrance at once – no matter the size of your space.

With no rules or limitations, every interpretation is uniquely personal to you.

To discover your favourite SCENT DESTINATIONS™ click here to visit our Scent Destination™ Finder where you can mix and match online.

Scent Destination Finder

The Maths

Build your MIXMY home fragrance palette by adding to your Primary Candle collection to increase the number of scents you can create.

  • One MIMXY Primary Candle = 1 fragrance
  • Two MIMXY Primary Candles = 3 different fragrances: 2 original Primary Candle fragrances + 1 Scent Destination™
  • Three MIXMY Primary Candles = 6 different fragrances: 3 original Primary Candle fragrances + 3 Scent Destinations™
  • Four MIXMY Primary Candles = 10 different fragrances: 4 original Primary Candle fragrances + 6 Scent Destinations™
  • Five MIXMY Primary Candles = 15 different fragrances: 5 original Primary Candle fragrances + 10 Scent Destinations™

The result is a collection of luxury home fragrance that works so much harder than most.

Combine to create. Your journey of scent discovery begins here.

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