Our aim is to make luxury scented candles work so much harder than most.

MIXMY is an innovative luxury home fragrance concept empowering you to mix and match from a palette of carefully curated PRIMARY CANDLE fragrances to create multiple fragrance combinations, or SCENT DESTINATIONS™.


Just as primary colours combine to create new colours, MIXMY Primary Candle fragrances have been meticulously designed to combine with each other to create different Scent Destinations™.

Build your own palette of MIXMY Primary Candles and enjoy playing around with different combinations to discover your favourite Scent Destinations™, and never again tire of your home scents.



A Scent Destination™ is the unique aromatic destination you create by burning two or more MIXMY Primary Candles together.

As the notes of each chosen Primary Candle fall heavy in the room, their combination transforms into a new aroma composition, or Scent Destination™, taking you on a voyage of unexpected discovery.

For example, imagine burning 1. SOFT / FLORAL while working from home, an intricate and enduring floral scent, which is ideal for creating a sense of calm.

As your concentration dips during the afternoon, you combine with 2. BERRY / GREEN, an elaborate fusion of green leaf and earthy fruits, to create the Scent Destination™ of #EarlyMorningEnglishGarden – an uplifting fragrance of tangy citrus and berry notes interwoven with delicate white florals and earthy green leaf, a fragrance combination which works perfectly to revive the senses.

Or, perhaps you choose to add 4. SMOOTH / AMBERY instead, a seductive harmony of spicy and woody accords. The combination of 1+4 transports you to the Scent Destination™ of #HiddenGardensOfMarrakesh – a warm fragrance which intricately combines sweet aromatic spices with heady florals – this pairs perfectly with that cosy night in front of the fire.

These three Primary Candles give you six different fragrances: the three original Primary Candle fragrances (1, 2 and 4), PLUS three Scent Destinations™ (1+2 = #EarlyMorningEnglishGarden, 1+4 = #HiddenGardensOfMarrakesh and 2+4 = #FestivalsOfIndia).

Combine to create. Your journey of scents discover begins here.




Are you as over this cold, wet Spring weather as much as we are?!
Try combining 1. SOFT / FLORAL with 3. CITRUS / OCEANIC and let the delicate floral notes combine with the sun-soaked citrus and refreshing fir needle and sea salt accords to create the Scent Destination™ of #SunBathedMediterraneanTerrace. 
We can’t guarantee to transport you in person, but close your eyes, take in the aroma and you’re there… on a sun-baked terrace beneath a cloudless azure sky as soft, floral notes linger on the gentle sea breeze.

Combine to create | Your journey of scent discovery begins here
Starting the day with 3. CITRUS / OCEANIC for a morning boost.
It’s also the perfect kitchen candle fragrance as the bright, refreshing scent replaces kitchen smells. 
Change the mood by playing around with different pairs of MIXMY candles. 
This evening, I’m adding 5. WOOD / SMOULDER to number 3 to create the beautifully mellow Scent Destination™ of #DuskOnTheAmalfiCoast.

MIXMY | Combine to create
I’m generally quite a private person, but as MIXMY grows, I feel I should step out from behind the brand (and out of my comfort zone 😬).
So I’m going to start by sharing a little about myself.

I’m Vicky, Founder of MIXMY.

I’ve spent my career specialising in product development and marketing for incredible beauty and home fragrance brands, including Elemis, Shiseido and NEOM Organics.

I went to Newcastle University to study Agri-Business Management & Marketing, and despite being a dairy farmer’s daughter, I chose to make a career out of anti-ageing cream rather than double cream!

My first product development role was for a global beauty brand based in Sydney, where I lived for a number of years. It was there I met my husband. We moved to London, and eventually North Yorkshire where we now live with our two children and three Jack Russells.

I can’t sit still. My idea of relaxation is doing, so on holiday it’s very rarely you’ll see me sat by a pool. I’ll take a ski holiday over a sun holiday any day.

My mum can make anything. When I was growing up, she liked to make clothes for my two sisters and I.

She liked to try out different techniques, so when I wasn’t sporting one of her batwing jumpers, I was often dressed in Victorian-style smocked dresses and Elizabethan ruffs 😱. The memory still haunts me 😂.

I’ve recently discovered Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Chunky Mint Chocolate Biscuits (a name that doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily!) - trust me, they are AMAZING!

To the amusement of those close to me, ‘I Am The One and Only’ by Chesney Hawkes will always get me on the dance floor.