It’s as if Winter has clung on until the bitter end. Just over a week ago my garden was cloaked in a thick blanket of snow. Then came the frost and I was back to scraping ice from the car windscreen. Today, the first day of Spring, and just like that, it’s a whole different story – the Winter chill has been replaced by the gentle warmth of the sun, which the Spring buds are revelling in after being teased and then frozen over the previous few weeks!

To me, Spring is all about reinvigoration, a renewed energy, anticipation of the warmer and longer days ahead, the planning of garden soirees with friends (in the hope it doesn’t rain!); and with that comes the desire for a change in home fragrance to reflect the change in season.

The beauty of MIXMY Primary Candle fragrances is that they can be combined to create new fragrance combinations, or Scent Destinations™. No need to go out and buy new scented candles. Just combine different Primary Candles to create whole new fragrances. No more wasted, half burnt candles because they no longer suit the season or your mood!

Simply choose the Primary Candles you wish to burn together based on the fragrance notes you love, and enjoy the combined fragrance; OR, choose the Scent Destination™ you wish to create and burn the appropriate two Primary Candles to achieve that Scent Destination™.

Soft floral, fresh green, vibrant and joyously mellow fragrances all perfectly reflect the mood of the Spring season; so I’ll be pairing the following Primary Candles to create three very different Scent Destinations™ this season:



Dinner party styling with MIXMY Candles 👌 
How do you style yours?
3. CITRUS / OCEANIC Primary Candle - A sparkling citrus with oceanic accords

Burn alone for a powerful aromatic statement, or burn alongside another MIXMY candle to create whole new Scent Destinations™ 

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I’m loving my @katharine_gray_ceramics vase and mugs 🤩.

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Beautiful when burned separately, but when you combine the ruby pomelo, mandarin and lemon notes of 3. CITRUS / OCEANIC with the warm cardamom and smoky incense notes of 4. SMOOTH / AMBERY, you are transported to the Scent Destination™ of #SunsetCitrusGrovesOfTheNile where the glow of the fading sun reflects on the water. Long shadows reach out from beneath heavily laden citrus trees, and the sweet aroma of vibrant spices is carried on a warm, evening breeze.

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