Within weeks of launching (October 2022), MIXMY was thrilled to be featured alongside Cire Trudon, Diptyque, Aqua di Parma, Jo Loves and Neom in Alice du Parcq’s Instagram Live on ‘the churchiest perfumes and candles imaginable – from smoky, smouldering and filthy gorgeous to mellow, spiritual and cosy’.

Alice is the god (an apt accolade considering her feature is on churchy scents!) of fragrance, having spent 20 years writing fragrance pieces for every major press publication going.

“This brand is so exciting”, says Alice about MIXMY SCENT.

Alice goes on to describe MIXMY’s 5. WOOD/SMOULDER PRIMARY CANDLE: “This is like a leather jacket that your teenage crush puts over your shoulders when you’re watching bonfire night together. It’s got this really dark, sexy, grrrr grit to it. It’s a little bit filthy – we love that! – and it’s just so, so good. Very smouldery, very smoky, a little bit sooty, leather tobacco, and the words wood/smoulder are just perfect. They’ve nailed it with that description.”

The amazing review goes on. Too much to write here!
For the full review, CLICK HERE.

MIXMY features at 10.20mins left.

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Dinner party styling with MIXMY Candles 👌 
How do you style yours?
3. CITRUS / OCEANIC Primary Candle - A sparkling citrus with oceanic accords

Burn alone for a powerful aromatic statement, or burn alongside another MIXMY candle to create whole new Scent Destinations™ 

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I’m loving my @katharine_gray_ceramics vase and mugs 🤩.

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Beautiful when burned separately, but when you combine the ruby pomelo, mandarin and lemon notes of 3. CITRUS / OCEANIC with the warm cardamom and smoky incense notes of 4. SMOOTH / AMBERY, you are transported to the Scent Destination™ of #SunsetCitrusGrovesOfTheNile where the glow of the fading sun reflects on the water. Long shadows reach out from beneath heavily laden citrus trees, and the sweet aroma of vibrant spices is carried on a warm, evening breeze.

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