Most of us associate the cold, dark winter months with candle burning, as we try to create that warm, cosy feel we hanker after when it’s lashing down and blowing a gale outside; but scented candles can bring just as much joy and atmosphere to your home in the warm, summer months.

Firstly, MIXMY’s refillable Primary Candles have been created using a very high percentage of the finest fragrance oils. This, combined with our sustainable, 100% natural vegetable wax, and the very specific blending technique we use to hand craft our luxury scented candles, means the hot and cold scent throw of MIXMY candles and refills are incredible – don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews!

The ‘scent throw’ is how well a candle distributes its fragrance when lit (hot throw) and when not lit and at room temperature (cold throw).

MIXMY’s cold scent throw, in particular, is heightened during the summer months as the heat intensifies the fragrance infusion in the air – emitting its beautiful fragrance and scenting your home even when not lit!

Secondly, the practice of summer scenting can lift spirits and bring joy as you burn scented candle fragrances that evoke the essence of summer – uplifting scents that capture the feeling of warm weather, blooming flowers, sun-ripened fruits and holidays.
So even if the sun disappears for a while (as it’s prone to doing in the UK!), bring the essence of summer into your home; and when the sun does put in an appearance, use scented candles to add another dimension to alfresco dining – transforming your outdoor space into a #SunbathedMediterraneanTerrace or perhaps the #VibrantBalearics!

Thirdly, kitchen odours can be intensified and linger due to the warm weather, so a scented candle works wonders at keeping your kitchen smelling fresh.

And finally, as MIXMY fragrances have been designed to combine with each other to create whole new fragrance combinations, you have the choice of burning Primary Candles alone for a powerful aromatic statement, or alongside each other to create personalised Scent Destination™ fragrance combinations to suit your mood, the weather or the occasion. For this reason, MIXMY refillable Primary Candles are a great and unique gift (or treat to yourself!) as they bring a sense of fun to home fragrance.

I’ll be pairing the following Primary Candles to create three very different Scent Destinations™ this Summer:



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Burn one Primary Candle for a powerful aromatic statement.
Burn alongside another to create whole new Scent Destinations™.

Play, discover and create your own library of Scent Destinations™ to suit your mood, the weather or the occasion.

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