Primary Fragrances

MIXMY’s aim is to make candles work so much harder – empowering you to adapt and personalise your home fragrance experience so you never again tire of your home scents. Eliminating the need for the candle graveyard – that cupboard where forgotten, half burnt candles end up once you get bored of them!

That’s why we spent a year working very closely with world-class Perfumers to create our debut collection of five beautiful fragrances. Just as primary colours combine to create new colours, we challenged our Perfumers to create primary fragrances that smell incredible on their own, yet combine to create new fragrance combinations.

We then spent the next year conducting countless burn trials to determine the perfect wick and ideal fragrance concentration for each candle (each one is different). Due to the complexity of each candle recipe needing to combine beautifully alongside each other (whilst not overpowering!), every candle has been meticulously formulated to guarantee the very best quality diffusion to really bring the ingredients alive.

The result is a debut collection of Primary Scented Candles which work so much harder than most.




Exciting news… MIXMY is a finalist in the Pure Beauty Awards Outstanding Achievement category of Best New Beauty Brand 2023 🎉

As an independent brand, the support from our loyal customers and followers is invaluable. To be in with a chance of winning, your votes count, so please click on the link in our Stories to vote for MIXMY in the ‘Best new Beauty Brand’ category - thank you!

Love, Vicky, MIXMY Founder x
Burn one Primary Candle for a powerful aromatic statement.
Burn alongside another to create whole new Scent Destinations™.

Play, discover and create your own library of Scent Destinations™ to suit your mood, the weather or the occasion.

Your journey of scent discovery begins here.
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