1. Soft / Floral


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An intricate and enduring floral

Lush, heady white blooms take centre stage.
Sweet musk and creamy woods play the supporting role.
Pink pepper makes a surprise guest appearance.


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12 reviews for 1. Soft / Floral

  1. Charlotte (Verified Purchase)

    I haven’t even lit my candle yet and my hallway smells incredible – I’ve not experienced a scent throw like it before! And the glass is just beautiful. I can’t quite get over how heavy it is. Such a beautiful candle.

  2. Jonathan Ryder (Verified Purchase)

    Absolutely love my MIXMY candle, wonderful scent and the glass looks great on the fireplace.

  3. McDonnell Rebecca (Verified Purchase)

    Love love love ❤️
    These candles are fabulous and I’ve tried a lot! Great that you can refill and the weight of the glass show what fantastic quality they are.
    I purchased No 1 and 3 and they smell fantastic, even when they’re not lit! Brilliant concept to be able to mix the scents, I’ll be asking for the others for Christmas so I can try all the combinations X

  4. Steve O’Callaghan (Verified Purchase)

  5. Isabel Elliott (Verified Purchase)

  6. Georgina B. (Verified Purchase)


  7. Sue (Verified Purchase)

    Loved my candle

  8. Elaine Hadfield (Verified Purchase)

  9. Ella (Verified Purchase)

    Your candle is honestly beautiful. Even my dad commented how lovely it smelt!

  10. Meg Hunt

    The soft floral scent is my absolute favourite, but it’s amazing how the scents complement each other when burning multiple candles. I love them!!

  11. Chloe

    This candle has kept my house smelling absolutely beautiful all summer, even when it’s not lit the scent is amazing. Nearly ready for my first refill and am so happy the glass can be re-used. Ethics and quality all in one, sheer perfection!

  12. Jacqueline Herman (store manager)

    So over Jo Malone!

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Beautiful right? Take yourself on an olfactory journey. Burn Primary Candles 3 & 4 together and transport yourself to #SunsetCitrusGrovesOfTheNile

MIXMY | Combine to Create

📸 by @les_voyages_de_marina 

#aswan #beautifuldestinations #scentdestinations #combinetocreate #luxuryscentedcandles #homefragrance
A sparkling citrus with oceanic accords

TOP: Ruby Pomelo / Lemon / Bergamot / Ginger / Mandarin / Pink Pepper
MID: White Flowers
BASE: Amber / Musk

#citrusfragrance #oceanicfragrance #luxuryscentedcandles #homefragrance #combinablefragrances #scentcombining #mixmyscent
I fancied something fresh, green and fruity today… so I’ve been burning 2. BERRY / GREEN in the kitchen. 

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TIPS: How to Prevent Tunnelling

If you’ve experienced ‘tunnelling’, where the candle burns down the centre leaving a large amount of unused wax at the sides, it could be because you’re not burning it for long enough, particularly on the very first burn.
To get a clean, even burn, you should burn your candle long enough for the surface wax to melt completely to the edges - usually between 2 and 4 hours with MIXMY candles. 
This is especially important on the very first burn, because if you don’t, you’re almost guaranteed to get tunnelling. This is because wax has ‘memory’ - so even when wax appears to have solidified, it will continue to harden over time. Wax that has melted and cooled again today, will always be softer than wax that has been left for longer. 
So if you light your new candle and blow it out before the wax has melted to the edges, the next time you light it, only the softer wax in the centre will continue to melt as it requires less thermal energy than the much harder wax around the edge - resulting in tunnelling.

#candlecare #candlecaretips #candletunneling #homefragrance #scentedcandles