2. Berry / Green


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An elaborate fusion of green leaf
and earthy fruits

Tangy berries open with verve.
Fragrant green leaf and sharp elemi give further animation.
Dry, spicy woods add intrigue.

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8 reviews for 2. Berry / Green

  1. Isabelle Woodward (Verified Purchase)

    Super quick delivery, expertly packed. But more importantly, the candle itself is just beautiful. Gratifyingly heavy, modern sophistication and I LOVE the scent. I can’t recommend these highly enough. What a treat!

  2. Victoria Dello Ioio (Verified Purchase)

    Total luxury. Looks stunning on display. Beautifully packaged, gorgeous scent (even when it’s not lit) and love the fact you are able to refill or purchase another, to create a different scent mood.

  3. Rebecca (Verified Purchase)

    Gorgeous, luxurious candles – a pleasure to have in my home. Arrived beautifully packaged with a handwritten note – really nice touch. Placed my order and was delivered super speedy. Already trying to decide which scent to try next!

  4. rachel adeleke (Verified Purchase)

    This candle has a really unusual fresh pine and light berry floral fragrance which combines so beautifully with #3 Citrus / Oceanic. The glass holders are really heavy and substantial and feel like you’re buying something that’s a good quality investment you would want to refill over and over again. The smell in the room even before you light them is exceptional, and once they are lit, the fragrance is really pure and natural. What is so brilliant though is the way the scents combine to create these really fun and different combinations which are like nothing I have ever experienced before. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

  5. Mrs M (Verified Purchase)

    Soft and warming, quietly flickering away. A beautiful smell. And looking so elegant. I am very glad I bought this candle x

  6. Steve O’Callaghan (Verified Purchase)

  7. Vicky Dello Ioio (store manager)

    My favourite candles of all time!

  8. Andie (store manager)

    I can’t wait to buy more refills when I’m back in the UK, they are genuinely the best candles I’ve ever had!

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The weekend starts now 🙌
Not another cylindrical candle!

Each hand poured, refillable MIXMY scented candle comes encased in a one kilo, custom-made glass cube.

We dare you to be different 🔲
Scent combining is really very simple:

With no rules or limitations, every interpretation is uniquely personal to you. 

I’m currently loving 2. BERRY / GREEN - a dry, refreshing fragrance of tangy berries, fragrant green leaf and a hint of citrus.
Then, when I want to dial it up, I pair it with 4. SMOOTH / AMBERY - a rich and spicy cologne-like scent with notes of incense, cardamom and sandalwood.

The fragrances from the two candles combine to create the Scent Destination of
#FestivalsOfIndia with its sweet, heady spices / the warm and woody aroma of festive bonfires / and notes of earthy greens and colourful berries. 

This joyous combination is perfect for Spring scenting!