4. Smooth / Ambery


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A seductive harmony of
spicy and woody accords

Sweet, spicy cardamom and smoky incense surrender
to the warmth of tonka, vanilla and rock rose.
Smooth, creamy sandalwood entices with familiarity.
Musk and patchouli ground, embracing the rich,
sensuality of cologne.


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Product Reviews

9 reviews for 4. Smooth / Ambery

  1. Kerrie Taylor (Verified Purchase)

    Beautiful rich scent, absolutely stunning!

  2. Rebecca (Verified Purchase)

  3. Clare Hughes (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been waiting for the decorators to finish before I put the candles out, so I’ve finally got my candles out of the box and I’m so pleased with them – they smell amazing!
    The candle holder itself looks so expensive and the scent of each candle is so beautiful. Everything about them is just so perfect!
    They really are beautiful, I’ll definitely be ordering again from you. MIXMY is my new favourite brand!
    (I ordered 1, 2 & 4)

  4. Steve O’Callaghan (Verified Purchase)

  5. Isabel Elliott (Verified Purchase)

  6. Paul Warren (Verified Purchase)

    A warm and spicy winter warmer!

  7. Sue (Verified Purchase)

  8. Patricia (Verified Purchase)

    Elegant! Simply Luxury

  9. Alexandra (Verified Purchase)

    After years of burning a variety of luxury scented candles including Neom, The White Company and Jo Malone I have finally found a brand that brings real joy. They make the house smell lovely even when not lit and when burning they have just the right amount of scent that does not become overwhelming that I find is the case with the aforementioned brands. The refills are easy to use and the compostable packaging went on the garden, fantastic!

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The weekend starts now 🙌
Not another cylindrical candle!

Each hand poured, refillable MIXMY scented candle comes encased in a one kilo, custom-made glass cube.

We dare you to be different 🔲
Scent combining is really very simple:

With no rules or limitations, every interpretation is uniquely personal to you. 

I’m currently loving 2. BERRY / GREEN - a dry, refreshing fragrance of tangy berries, fragrant green leaf and a hint of citrus.
Then, when I want to dial it up, I pair it with 4. SMOOTH / AMBERY - a rich and spicy cologne-like scent with notes of incense, cardamom and sandalwood.

The fragrances from the two candles combine to create the Scent Destination of
#FestivalsOfIndia with its sweet, heady spices / the warm and woody aroma of festive bonfires / and notes of earthy greens and colourful berries. 

This joyous combination is perfect for Spring scenting!